New Guns N’ Roses Album Coming “Faster Than You Think” – Revolver Magazine


Given the convoluted lineage and the storied 10-year recording process, it really felt like Chinese Democracy was going to be the final Guns N’ Roses album. But that fate started to change in 2016, when the band resuscitated its most famous lineup and hit the road for the Not in This Lifetime tour, which has shaped up to be one of the most lucrative tours of all time. According to a new interview with guitarist Richard Fortus on radio station KSHE 95, there’s now real momentum for the band to hit the studio again.

“We’re going to try and do another record and get it out soon,” he said. “The band’s so great right now. I think it will happen faster than you think. I sure hope it happens faster than you think.”

Fortus also commented on the possibility that a new Guns N’ Roses single could be released in 2019: “It could definitely happen.”

Earlier this year, Slash commented on the status of new GN’R music to Classic Rock magazine. “There’s no shortage of ideas from everybody involved,” said the guitarist. “But we’ve been so busy on the road there hasn’t really been time to go in and sit down and go, ‘Okay, we’re going to make a record.'”

If Guns ‘N Roses follow through, and release an album in the next couple of years, they’ll officially be on a one-album-every-decade cycle, which isn’t a bad spot for them, honestly. We’re very curious to know what a Slash-and-Axl looks like in the 2020s and beyond.