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Watch COREY TAYLOR Perform Acoustic Version Of SLIPKNOT's 'Snuff' Featuring CHERRY BOMBS

Professionally filmed video footage of SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor performing an acoustic version of the SLIPKNOT song “Snuff” on December 14 at Fremont Country Club in Las Vegas, Nevada can be seen below (courtesy of Backstage Bar And Billiards). He was joined during the show by CHERRY BOMBS, the all-girl dance group led by Taylor‘s girlfriend Alicia Dove. The event was a fundraising benefit for Star Treatments, a charity founded by Matt DiRito of the band POP EVIL.

Prior to the concert, Taylor and Dove stopped by KTNV‘s “Julie’s Rock Block” to discuss Star Treatments, which covers the costs of transportation for children who are battling health issues to their medical appointments in a more comfortable way, such as in a limo or bus. The children and their families get the “rock-star treatment” all the way to the hospital and back, so they can be as pleasant and calm as possible during such a stressful time.

Dove said: “Star Treatments is, basically, an organization that covers transportation costs for children and their families to and from the hospital. It’s not necessarily for terminally ill children, but it’s also for just children that need to go there on a regular basis. So I think a cost that’s overlooked often is the cost of gas, the time, the wear and tear in vehicles, and this organization covers all of those things. And not just that, but they create an experience for these children. So they find out what the child likes — favorite snacks, sports teams, if any, music, movies — and they give them this ‘rock-star treatment,’ where they fill either this mini-tour bus or a black car service of some kind, and they fill it with all their favorite things. So it’s an enjoyable experience for the child to go back and forth to these appointments.”

Taylor added: “The thing that people don’t realize is that there’s the mental trauma that goes on with these children. Even though they know they’re receiving medicine that will certainly help them, the pain, the depression that kind of comes with it is so hard to take, and the fact that most of the time, the parents aren’t really able to comfort the child on the way home, because they’re driving and they’re trying to concentrate on everything that’s going on. This is a great way for the parent to be there for the child, for them to be able to relax, maybe take a nap — just put more positivity into the fact that they’re trying to help these children. It actually was something that I’d never really even thought about until [Alicia] told me about Matt was doing. So it’s a great cause.”

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