Members of Metallica, Foo Fighters, and Iron Maiden jam together – Consequence of Sound

Iron Maiden

A new Instagram post by guitarist Howie Simon, who was a member of ’80s metal band Alcatrazz and has played with Jeff Scott Soto and Winger, among others, shows him jamming with the aforementioned rockers, plus singer-guitarist Richie Kotzen (The Winery Dogs, Poison, Mr. Big).

Along with the pic, Simon wrote, “Sometimes at parties I jam with the bass player from Metallica, the drummer from the Foo Fighters, the guitarist from Iron Maiden, and my friend Richie. I hope I’m not name dropping! Such a fun time – they always throw the best parties!”

Yes, Howie, you were name dropping, but all is forgiven as a thank you for sharing a pic of this seemingly once-in-a-lifetime jam session. Now, if you can just post some video, as well. That would be great!