Iron Maiden’s original lineup reunites after more than 40 years – Consequence of Sound

Iron Maiden

The holiday season brought with it reunions galore, with everyone from Atoms for Peace to the kids from School of Rock to the cast of Reno 911! reconvening for nostalgia’s sake. Heavy metal legends Iron Maiden had the same idea, as the band’s original lineup recently got together for the first time in over 40 (!) years.

Last Saturday, December 30th, the earliest known iteration of Iron Maiden met up to reminisce about old memories as well as make new ones, as MetalSucks points out. The gathering consisted of bassist Steve Harris, frontman Paul Mario Day, and guitarists Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance. Original drummer Ron “Rebel” Matthews was absent. As Day noted on Facebook, the last time this lineup was together was way, way back in 1976.

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“The gang almost all together since 1976, or there abouts.” Day wrote. “I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels. Tonight will burned in my memory for life.”

Check out the heartwarming reunion below.

Of the four musicians in attendance, only Harris went on to continue with Iron Maiden. He and the rest of the group are still going strong and will embark on a massive North American tour this summer, which they’ve described as their “biggest production ever.” Tickets can be purchased here.