Axl Rose releases his first new song in a decade—via a Looney Tunes cartoon – The A.V. Club


It’s been more than 10 years since Guns N’ Roses—or if we’re being specific, Axl Rose—finally released Chinese Democracy, the band’s long-anticipated sixth studio album. Rose has kept himself busy in the intervening decade, singing for AC/DC, getting in various lawsuits, and reuniting with guitarist Slash last year for one of the most successful concert tours of all time. But he hasn’t released any new music since 2008, possibly because he wasn’t surrounded by the proper inspiration; i.e., a bunch of cartoon pigs and rabbits.

Luckily, the animators of Boomerang’s New Looney Tunes have finally granted Axl the perfect environment in which to debut a new song, releasing a video today for “Rock The Rock,” a brand new Axl Rose song that is also, somehow, about Bugs Bunny fighting a giant meteor that has an Instagram account. (Also, as a lot of people have already noted, it’s a lot more AC/DC than GNR.)


To be honest, our favorite part of the video—which is a section of a longer episode set to air on the Boomerang streaming service—is the comments section on YouTube, which is full of extremely earnest Rose fans talking about how much an animated short where a mouse plays drums “fucking rocks.”

[via Consequence Of Sound]